Friday, February 11, 2011

I look like Vanessa Hudgens?!

   Sheesh, I've been so busy with school, youtube and my giveaway, and just with life in general! I haven't had time for my blog. But anyway, here I am with a simple post!
    I've been getting alot of comments on YT that I sort of look like Vanessa Hudgens. I do get that once in awhile in person too. It's sort of funny :) She's beautiful though so I don't complain.
   As you might know, she played the character of Gabriela Montez on High School Musical. It was after that movie came out when people started telling me I looked like her. I just thought it was funny/odd that we both have names that start with G (Gabriela, Gricelda) AND we have the same last name (different spelling)! Haha!
   For Homecoming Senior year of high school, there was a "favorite character" spirit day and I dressed up as Gabriela. I carried around a fake mic and a binder with a picture of Troy Bolton and a heart around him.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

XO, Griiicelda

I do not own the HSM picture. This website will lead you to its origin.

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